Welcome to
a bright NewDay

NewDay is a fast-growing business and one of the largest issuers of credit cards in the UK. In fact, we’re expecting to welcome over one million new customers in 2014. That’s because we’ve a clear, simple idea to guide us – we want to help people be better off, by being better with money. Our Chief Executive Officer, James Corcoran, tells you more…

Our manifesto

Better with money. Better off with NewDay.

We believe that the message of our Manifesto makes us genuinely unique.

The Manifesto reflects the desire to put customers at the heart of the business and to help them be better off. The Manifesto resonates equally well with existing customers and the customers of our newly-acquired co-branded card business.

Our business offers a fresh new alternative to financial services in the UK, that is in touch with people and their real lives.

Our purpose is really simple: to help people be better with money because, when you are better with money, you become better off.

To this end, we are developing the NewDay experience to deliver the products, services, tools and know-how to help people be better with money.

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